Fort Donelson

The Fort Donelson Memorial Trail is a history rich educational 10 mile outdoor hiking experience through the most interesting areas of the Fort Donelson and Dover TN battlefield areas located in the Fort Donelson National Military Park. The National Military Park is located in Dover TN approximately 30 miles west of Clarksville TN.

Each participant follows the trail instructions, map and questionnaire answering questions as they hike to certain historical markers, monuments, plaques and cannon. A few questions also include nature and land navigation bearings.

Upon completion of the requirements, each participant is eligible to be awarded the Trail Medal along with designated “Hiker Boot” Ribbon Pins for the medal.

There are also Reconnoitering Trails available for other Civil War sites such as Fort Negley and Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nashville TN, Battle of Stones River National Military Park in Murfreesboro TN, The Carter House and Carton Mansion in Franklin TN, Fort Defiance in Clarksville TN, and others.

Each of the Reconnoitering Trails has trail instructions and a questionnaire. These particular trails are less than one mile up to 5 miles in hiking distance. Upon completion of those requirements the participant is eligible to receive a designated Reconnoitering Ribbon Pin for their Fort Donelson Memorial Trail medal.

These trails are open to any individual, groups, clubs or organizations including but not limited to families, schools, churches, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Trail of Life, American Heritage Girls, Hiking Clubs and any other interested club.

The Fort Donelson Memorial Trail is a designated Boy Scouts of America Historical Trail approved by B.S.A. National. This designation entitles a Scout to wear the Trail Medal on their uniform. This designation also indicates that this trail meets certain set standards of historical, physical fitness, safety and educational requirements.

Please email us at: ftdonelson@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Send us an email! We would like to know the date when you or your group are planning your hike/trip as well as to which trail.

Enjoy your hike in a historically rich environment.


The Fort Donelson Memorial Trail Inc.

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